Solomon's Legacy

Solomon's Legacy

Over a week ago, I got news that a young man that was near and dear to me took his own life. The news and initial shock devastated me. My mind replayed every conversation, every encounter- EVERY everything.

My rational mind created questions that I will never have answers to.

My heart hurts for his family, for his school family, for his community and for every other person that has ever found themselves in a dark place where there was "seemingly, no light.

I keep wondering what his final thoughts must have been. I keep asking myself what type of light would have been needed to mask his darkness. Could I have provided that light? Was there something more I could have done? Not only for him-but for others!

Although I know that I will never have those answers, I can't stop the questions.

Though it hurts beyond words- I have been able to draw comfort from remembering his voice...the passion from which he spoke (even though it was loud), the candor in which he spoke (even when it was not appropriate), and the truth from which he spoke (even when it was frowned upon)!

As I've reflected over the last week, I have found comfort in the memories that we shared!

I will forever remember his voice, his passion, and his reminder to me to ALWAYS speak truth...even when it hurts###

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