What am I trying to Be?

Heyyyyyyyy Loves,

We have so many new faces in this community, so I felt it is only fitting that I introduce myself to those of you who don't know me. I am Onnie (also known as Lady O). I am so excited to have you in this space with me.

My mission in life is very simple. It is to just "BE". That's it. Daily I strive to: BE present, BE alive, and to BE in the moment. Recently someone asked me, "what are you trying to be," as if I have some type of aim or goal to become something or somebody other than who I am at this moment. Honestly, I #released that weight long ago. I am not trying to be or become anything. I just want to be a vessel through which God works to fulfill the purpose for which he created me.

Instead of being on a journey of a life that I've planned, I am on a journey of living the life that God planned. I know that before He formed me that He knew me, so I don't even bother anymore with trying to figure out "what's next". Why? Because it has already been written. I trust Him.

Once I decided to truly lean into his will and his way, my path and my purpose have become more clearer. The path was already straight, but I couldn't see it because I wanted to do things my way and for my reasons. That old way of living life was not fulfilling; because when things didn't go according to how I planned them, I felt like I had failed. I had to #release the bondage that I had on myself through my own expectations of what my life should be.

Now, as I trust God's vision for my life, I feel more alive, more purposed and more free. I feel more guided and directed because I am following his path. I am literally in awe daily as I witness God's beautiful manifestations of blessings in my life. I am so glad that I moved me out of the way so that I could make room for his direction to flow through me.

His love and light are amazing. And as he shines through me, my prayer is that you are blessed with the beauty of his love. Welcome to this space.

Love and Light,

Lady O


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