Spending time with my "little girl"!

I just had a thought. How many of you have spent some time getting in touch with your "little girl self" or your "little boy self"? Have you ever spent any time thinking about how the things and experiences that "affect" you in life now are DIRECTLY related to the things and experiences that affected you as a child? For example, as a little girl, I can remember times when I felt like I was misunderstood. Not misunderstood as in feeling that no one could relate to me, but misunderstood to the extent that I could never really explain why I felt a certain way about particular things. I can remember having feelings of "isolation", even though I was never isolated. I was usually included in everything that was going on whether it was with family or friends, but at the same time, I often felt like I didn't quite belong. It was almost like I could be "amongst the crowd", but never really "apart of the crowd". Even as an adult, I still have these feelings. I love people...totally LOVE people, but more than anything else, I ENJOY being alone. I actually crave time with myself... just to breath, and think, and process the millions of thoughts in my mind...almost like craving a constant state of isolation.

Of course, there are many more examples of how I have been tuning in to my "little girl self" over the last couple of months, but I just decided to speak about that one specific example.

In what ways have you tried to get in touch with your inner self?

I challenge you for the next 24 hours, to spend a little time getting in tune with your little self! You will be amazed at what you discover when you really tune into yourself!

Be Blessed!

~Lady O

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